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Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian Butt lift will give you the shapely profile you desire

Brazilian Butt Lift Experience – What Our Patients Say

My liposculpture and my Brazilian butt lift show my new shape by Dr. Viera.*

Dr. Hector Viera now offers the latest technique for the Brazilian Butt Lift in his Houston office. This technique augments the gluteus (butt) area. Previously, many large syringes were utilized to slowly introduce the liposuctioned fat into the butt. The fat was placed in another container to prepare it for transfer into various syringes for injection into the butt. Fat cells are very delicate and all this handling injures and destroys them.

What Brazilian Technique Is Used By Dr. Viera?

We now utilize automated mechanical equipment with which the fat is removed, cleansed, purified, and reintroduced into the butt, all in the same sterile container, thus avoiding its handling. After the fat has been removed and cleaned power is turned around and the fat is reintroduced in the butt with the same cannula, free of handling. This equipment and technique allows much more precise, delicate placement of the fat into the various areas of the gluteus, as well as, a much shortened operative time. The technique also allows for injecting the fat under very little pressure. This is very important since placing the fat under pressure cuts down circulation and consequently lessens the chances that the fat will survive.

This technology allows for a much greater amount of fat to survive. The same cannula used for liposuction is utilized for its injection, consequently no handling of the fat occurs, only one puncture is needed to introduce the fat therefore less trauma, lesser chances of infection, and no unsightly scars.

After you review the questions below, if you feel you may be a candidate for this procedure, we welcome you to contact our office today to schedule a personalized appointment. Call 713-349-0503 today!

Frequently Asked Questions About The Brazilian Butt Technique:

1. How Do You Perform The Brazilian Butt Lift?

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Results may vary and are not guaranteed.

The BBL is basically a procedure whereby fat is transferred from one area or areas of the body to the butt or gluteus; it is therefore a combination of two procedures, liposuction and fat transfer. It has become a much requested procedure in my practice, almost every time I perform liposuction or a tummy tuck it will be accompanied by a BBL. Since liposuction has become the most frequently performed procedure in this country, I predict the BBL will soon become the second most common procedure.

2. Is It A Safe Procedure?

It is one of the safest procedures in my practice since we employ the safest techniques which have yielded the safest and most predictable results in my patients. My nursing assistants are extensively trained in the safest methods and sterile techniques. They all have many years of experience.

3. How Can I Tell If I Am A Good Candidate For The Brazilian Butt Procedure?

If you wish to enhance your butt, are healthy and have areas of excess fat in your abdomen hips or thighs you are a good candidate. Nevertheless we are very conservative and perform a physical examination as well as a thorough medical history and blood work prior to any surgical procedure to make sure you are a good candidate for the procedure.

4. Where Do You Perform Your Surgeries?

The Surgicenter at Cosmetic Surgery Associates in Houston has been triple AAAHC Accredited for over 15 years earning the highest degree of accreditation every time. It is very private and for our patients only. They feel comfortable since it is in our own office and they are assisted by the same nurses they have become familiar with.

5. How Much Fat Can You Transfer?

This varies with the amount of excess fat the patient has and how much she wishes to enhance the butt. Generally I limit the amount to 1500 cc’s or a liter and a half per butt. What limits the amount I can transfer is not only the amount of fat available to transfer since there can be an ample amount, but the pressure which starts building when I inject the fat. Fat cells are very delicate; they need good circulation for nourishment to survive. If I were to force the amount of fat and inject it under pressure this would cut down on the amount of circulation the fat cells receive, they will die and the fat will become liquid, we call this fat liquefaction.

6. How Long Do The Results Last?

This depends to a great extent on how well the patient follows our instructions. Dr. Viera provides extensive detailed instructions for our patients. The instructions include how to sleep, how to sit, when to start exercising and many other factors that may come up during their recovery. Dr Viera and his staff are always literally a phone call away. Each person recovers differently so the instructions vary according to the patient’s progress. Most of the fat survives. If a person were to lose weight the fat transferred will shrink.

7. Is The Procedure Very Painful?

No, there is some mild discomfort involved which is well controlled with pain medication.

8. How Long Does The Surgery Last?

In general, the surgery lasts approximately two hours.* Including the liposuction to obtain the fat.

9. How Long Before I Can Return To Work?

This varies with each person but generally in seven to ten days. The person will need to sit as little as possible for the first two weeks and then on a very soft surface, preferably one or two pillows.*

10. When Can I Start Exercising?

This varies for different patients but in general one week for very light exercise and two to three for full exercise.*

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*Results may vary for different patients and are not guaranteed. Contact our office to schedule a personalized consultation to determine if you are a good candidate.

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