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…just a week after my (lip augmentation) was done and I can’t believe it’s me…

The Permalip™ Procedure: Permanent Lip Augmentation Using Your Own Tissue!

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If you were born with thin lips or if your lips have atrophied with age, there is still a way of permanently enhancing your natural lips to achieve “the look” of fuller and sexier lips. The answer… Permalip™, the permanent lip augmentation.

Dr. Hector M. VieraHouston, TX practice. Dr. Viera has developed and perfected his techniques performing the Permalip™ procedures in order to provide permanent lip augmentation utilizing your own tissues.

Dr. Viera is Triple Board Certified in Facial Plastic Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery and ENT Head and Neck Surgery. He has been a Clinical Assistant Professor at Baylor and the University of Texas at the Houston Medical Center.

Lip Augmentation at Cosmetic Surgery Associates with Dr. Viera

Lip Augmentation, Houston, TXPopculture has increasingly brought lip augmentation into the limelight. Women desire to have the enhanced lips of the stars. Until now there have only been temporary ways to augment lips. Injectables can be used for the lips, however the results diminish within months and need to be re-treated. Fat transfer can last longer but the lips typically need to be severely over-corrected since much of the fat will be absorbed. Softform and Gore-Tex® are materials which can be felt and frequently show when smiling. AlloDerm® from cadaver skin lasts a few months longer but also disappears. Implants can be palpable and may show when smiling.

Now – Permalip™ Permanent Lips Using Your Own Tissue!

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Puregraft™ is currently the most advanced fat transfer technology. Fat augmentation has, up to this point, consisted of directly injecting the fat immediately after removal with little success. Impurities were not filtered from the fat before the transfer. Puregraft ™ filters the fat and results in healthier, more viable fat cells which practically eliminates inflammation. Previously, the redness and swelling of inflammation interfered with the fat’s viability and longevity.

Puregraft™ allows us to be confident that the fat we transfer is viable and long-lasting. Procedures such as injectables or implants will be replaced by transferring your own fat from where you don’t want it to where you do. Rather than wasting the fat removed during liposuction, this technology allows us to re-use the fat. Puregraft ™ can be used to make plump, soft lips, decrease the “smile lines” and “marionette lines” around your mouth, as well as many other areas. What could be more natural than using your own fat?

Lip augmentation has become one of the most popular cosmetic procedures performed today. Ever since Kim Bassinger’s lips appeared on the screen, women have desired lips like hers. Now with our Permalip™ procedure you can have naturally full lips permanently. The results seen after our Permalip™ procedure is almost immediate, it provides a natural look, and there is little or no downtime required for healing. It is virtually painless and performed under local anesthesia.

In his Permalip™ procedure, Dr. Viera utilizes two techniques which provide permanent lip augmentation. In one, performed simultaneously during other facial surgical procedures, tissue is obtained from around the earlobe through an incision which heals invisibly. The tissue is shaped and inserted through the inside of the lip, again with no visible incision. Fuller lips will enhance any cosmetic procedure. There is normally almost no pain. Swelling subsides fairly rapidly.

Dr. Viera also developed another Permalip™ technique, Subdermal Stimulation™, via which the lips are stimulated to form the person’s own collagen, also being permanent. Being the person’s own tissues, the lips feel and look very natural and the results are permanent. He has performed his Subdermal Stimulation™ technique for over twenty years with excellent results. This procedure is performed during an office visit. Our patients are excited at the fact that they can return to work soon with permanent fuller lips.

Through video imaging and a careful study of the person’s lips, we can come to a very close approximation of the degree of lip augmentation the person will require. Nevertheless, our patients invariably have an idea of the degree of augmentation they desire.

Patients who have had lip augmentation often have their friends notice that there is an improvement in their appearance. When complemented they simply smile and thank their friends, but keep their lips sealed.

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