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ActiveLift™ Experience – What Our Patients Say

I am so pleased with the results of my facelift. You did a terrific job.*


ActiveLift™ Success Story
Results may vary and are not guaranteed.

Introducing The Quick Recovery Facelift, ActiveLift™

Without hesitation our first love in cosmetic surgery is facial plastic surgery. It is the most challenging of all cosmetic procedures and an area of Plastic Surgery that brings to our practice the greatest number of patient referrals. This surgery involves an area of the body where the results are the most obvious, because there is little you can do to hide the face.

ActiveLift™ Before & After Photos   Results may vary and are not guaranteed.

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Results may vary and are not guaranteed.

What Is The ActiveLift™?

Many of the people we see requesting a facelift are very active people who wish to return to their activities rapidly. For this purpose, twenty years ago Dr. Viera fashioned the ActiveLift™/ Facelift that allows these people to return to their activities promptly. It is minimally invasive yet restores a youthful natural look with minimal down time. Recovery time is minimal and results are not compromised.

Who Are The Candidates For The ActiveLift™?

The best candidates are people in their early 40s to mid-50s with beginning signs of aging and in good health.

What Are The Options For An Older Person?

When more advanced signs of aging are present such as a very saggy neck skin and muscles as well as loss of facial elasticity, an enhanced ActiveLift™ may be required. It would still be minimally invasive with rapid recovery.

What Advantages Does The ActiveLift™ Have Over Other Facelifts?

Facelift Success Story
Results may vary and are not guaranteed.

Besides the minimally invasiveness, much longer lasting results, another very important and unique feature of our ActiveLift™ is the midface lift or cheek lift. Lifting this area accomplishes four very important things. First, the cheek mound is brought up closer to the lower eyelid, raising a droopy lower eyelid. Second, the corner of the mouth is raised and the mouth fold next to it is improved. Third, the sagging jowl is raised and tightened. Fourth and very important, the lines around the mouth are reduced.

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