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African American Nose Surgery

African American Nose Surgery Experience

I am ecstatic about the results from my rhinoplasty procedure performed by Dr. Viera.*


Nose Surgery Success Story
Results may vary and are not guaranteed.
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How Long Has Dr. Hector Viera Been Performing African American Rhinoplasty?

Dr. Viera has performed African American nose surgery for over 25 years and is particularly renowned for his results in this surgery. He is Triple Board Certified in Facial Plastic Surgery, Ear Nose and Throat Surgery, and Cosmetic Surgery. He has been Clinical Assistant Professor at Baylor and University of Texas Medical Schools. Many of his patients come to his practice in Houston, TX from as far as the West Coast, Canada and Africa. Many also come for revision of unsatisfactory results elsewhere. He has performed several thousand Ethnic Rhinoplasties.

African American Nose Surgery Before & After Photos
Results may vary and are not guaranteed.

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What Characterizes The African American Nose?

Nose Surgery Success Story
Results may vary and are not guaranteed.

African American noses are characterized by thickened nasal tip skin as well as wide nostrils. Dr. Viera has developed techniques to mold this type of skin and narrow wide nostrils, making him uniquely qualified to obtain results which cannot be obtained through the usual techniques used in Caucasian nasal surgery.

To mold the thick nasal skin, Dr. Viera approaches the nasal tip skin internally, thinning and molding the skin without using incisions. To narrow the increased width of the nostrils, Dr. Viera has developed and perfected nose surgery techniques with which he can narrow the width as much as requested by his patients. He has perfected these techniques through his many years of experience.

What Do Most Of Dr. Viera’s Patients Seek?

Our African American patients generally have a well-defined idea of the result they would like to obtain. Patients will bring us pictures of friends or movie stars whose noses they like. Most of the time, their requests are realistic. We make every effort to provide the results they seek.

What Are Your Goals In The African American Nose Surgery?

Our aim is a natural-looking nose which conforms to the patient’s features, enhancing the appearance but not looking “done”.

The most feared result by our patients is a nose which is pinched and unnatural. This is why Dr. Viera takes a long time listening to his patients. He is aware each and every one of them wants to express their fears and concerns as well as their preferences. To further allay their fear he takes time to perform a video imaging with the patient communicating what they would like the video imaging to show, such as how much to narrow the bridge and nostrils. This is always immensely reassuring, knowing they have conveyed to him the result they wish to achieve. Dr. Viera shows his patients a slide show of many of his previous patient’s results, many of whom may be similar to themselves.

Who Can Perform African American Rhinoplasty?

African American nasal surgery requires extensive training in Facial Plastic Surgery as well as a great deal of experience in performing African American Rhinoplasty since this nose has unique skin and nostril characteristics. Dr. Viera has developed specialized techniques to mold the thickness of the overlying skin and width of the nostrils with excellent results. Most Plastic Surgeons are trained in Caucasian Rhinoplasty and have very little or no experience in African American nose surgery.

Do You Improve Nasal Breathing Problems?

Yes we do. Being the organ which filters, warms, and humidifies the air that we breathe it very importantly requires a surgeon specialized in ear nose and throat surgery also. Dr. Viera is Board Certified in ENT, as well as Facial Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery. Very few surgeons in the country are so well-accredited and experienced to perform African American nose surgery.