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Archive | Facial Cosmetic Procedures

A Younger You for Many New Years Ahead with Activelift™ Facelift

Beginning with the Activelift™ facelift, Dr. Viera uses his time tested facelifting techniques to achieve a refreshed looking you. He also combines the newest fat grafting and skin rejuvenation procedures in facelift surgeries to create the most complete facial rejuvenation. What is the Activelift™ Facelift? Activelift™ is the beginning. This lift, developed and perfected by […]

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Facial Cosmetic Surgery in Houston Texas

If you aren’t happy with the pictures you see on social media or the face that you see in the mirror, you aren’t alone. Facial cosmetic surgery in Houston has seen steady growth in the number of procedures over the last several years.  Technology advances and the selfie trend have paved the way for facial cosmetic surgery in […]

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Chin implants

Chin augmentation has been performed since time immemorial. It basically consists in placing a preformed soft rubber implant over the underdeveloped chin bone so as to bring a weak or underdeveloped chin into balance with the other facial features. Several methods may be used to enhance the chin depending on the condition and the severity […]

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