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Chin implants

Chin augmentation has been performed since time immemorial. It basically consists in placing a preformed soft rubber implant over the underdeveloped chin bone so as to bring a weak or underdeveloped chin into balance with the other facial features. Several methods may be used to enhance the chin depending on the condition and the severity of the chin underdevelopment. For mild to moderate degrees, implants are used. Various sizes and shapes of implants are available, thus allowing the surgeon to provide a more aesthetically pleasing chin, more in harmony with the sorrounding facial features. In the past augmenting the chin was limited to placing an implant in front of the mentum (chin), no consideration was given to the remaining facial features, whether the sides or the height needed to be enhanced to accomodate a short or a narrow face. Today newer implants are available to also enhance a short or narrow feature.
In men the strength of the chin implies virility and strength of character. Dr. Anthony Little, PhD a British psychologist at the University of Stirling has published studies on the psychology of the face. His studies indicate perceptions about facial appearance turn out to be strongly correlated with perceptions about the owners of the faces, including happiness, trustworthiness, goodness. Newer implants have become available to provide a more natural as well as a more masculine look for men. Many a Hollywood male posses a strong “macho” chin possibly from chin enhancement. Similarly for women the implants are shaped so as to provide a natural femenine look.

Implants may be placed through the mouth inside the lower lip. This placement is more prone to swelling, pain and infection. I prefer a very small (less than an inch) incision under the chin in a natural wrinkle in that area. They are placed over the membrane covering the bone, they heal firmly onto the bone and feel the same as chin bone. Chin implants are made of a soft rubber called Silastic, they are very well tolerated by the body and last forever.

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