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Ethnic Nose Surgery

Nose surgery tailored to maintain your cultural identity

Ethnic Nose Surgery Success Story
Results may vary and are not guaranteed.
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Characteristics of the Ethnic Nose Surgery
The ethnic nose is characterized by over development of one or various features. These may be a high, low or wide bridge, wide or narrow nostrils, as well as drooping long tip or short tip. The skin may also be thin or overly thick. One or several of these features may become overly prominent prompting the patient to seek its correction.

With Dr. Viera’s extensive training, experience and skill in nose surgery, he has developed specific techniques to address each ethnic nose.

Ethnic Rhinoplasty Before and After Photos   Results may vary and are not guaranteed.

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Ethnic Nose Surgery Success Story
Results may vary and are not guaranteed.
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Testimonial Videos

The ethnic nose is very often a prominent feature caused by overdevelopment of some characteristics of the ethnic nose, it may cause self consciousness.

Realizing these concerns Dr. Viera offers surgical options that he customizes to the specific individual and thus provides a natural look with enhanced results. With Board Certified in Facial Plastic Surgery and ENT Head and Neck Surgery, as well as over twenty years of performing ethnic nose surgery and several thousand ethnic rhinoplasty procedures performed. Dr. Viera is one of the most qualified surgeons in the country to perform ethnic rhinoplasty.

Dr. Viera learned over time that those techniques that were originally taught, during training, focused on the Caucasian nose and how to enhance that type of nose. Dr. Viera now addresses each patient as an individual and works with the patient through video imaging and an in depth consultation to tailor his approach to each patient and achieve a pleasing result for him/her.

Dr. Viera has performed rhinoplasty procedures on Asians, Middle Eastern, and African Americans and produced very positive results.

Ethnic Nose Surgery Experience

I appreciate all you have done for me. I love my new nose!*

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If you have questioned your desire to consider having nose surgery or have been ambiguous on sharing your desire with family, we strongly recommend you contact Dr. Hector Viera. He understands your reluctance inasmuch as each person has very specific goals. He can share other patients’ stories as well as show the result they achieved to aid you in making a decision that will best help achieve your desired goal.

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