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Facial Enhancements

Looking for the Best Facial Rejuvenation for you? Houston Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Viera will help you. Schedule your consultation now!

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Dr. Hector Viera offers Facial Enhancement services in his Houston practice at Cosmetic Surgery Associates. To learn more, we invite you to review the services listed below by clicking on the items. You can also contact our office directly by completing the form in the sidebar.

Houston ActiveLift™ Surgery
Restore your youthful appearance with less downtime. The ActiveLift Facelift will allow you to return to your regular activities rapidly.

Learn more about Activelift™ surgery.

Houston Facelift Surgery
A Facelift restores smoother, more pleasing contours to your face and neck. It can help you look as good as you feel, and perhaps feel younger than you are.

Learn more about Facelift surgery.

Houston Brow Lift Surgery
With age, the brow tends to become heavy and descend, often leading to a tired or angry look. Brow Lift surgery restores the position of the brow and can also address wrinkles in the forehead, leading to a refreshed, rejuvenated appearance.

Learn more about Brow Lift surgery.

Houston Mid Face Lift Surgery
As we age, our cheeks can descend. This leads to a flattened appearance in this region of the face. A mid face lift restores the appearance of the cheeks. Oftentimes, this surgery is combined with lower lid surgery to rejuvenate the periorbital region.

Learn more about Mid Face Lift surgery.

Houston Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)
Aesthetic eyelid surgery is performed on adults of all ages. Some people have eyelid surgery to correct problems that are a result of aging, while others have inherited traits that cause them to seek treatment as early as their 20s or 30s.

Learn more about Eyelid surgery.

Houston Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty)
Rhinoplasty is performed to correct congenital, traumatic, or age-related distortion of the nose. It can be performed alone or at the time of other rejuvenating procedures for the face. In some instances, septal work to improve breathing may be covered by an insurance company.

Learn more about Nasal surgery.

Houston African American Nose Surgery
Dr. Hector M. Viera has performed African American nose surgery for over 25 years and is particularly renowned for his results in this surgery. He has developed techniques to mold the thickened nasal tip skin as well as wide nostrils skin typically characterized for African American noses, making him uniquely qualified to obtain results which cannot be obtained through the usual techniques used in Caucasian nasal surgery.

Learn more about African American Nose Surgery.

Houston Lip Augmentation (PERMALIP® Long-lasting Lip Augmentation)
PERMALIP® Long-lasting Lip Augmentation creates fuller, plumper lips and reduces fine wrinkles around the mouth. Lips may be injected with collagen or with fat transferred from another site in the patient’s body. Both liquid collagen and fat are absorbed and repeat treatments are necessary to maintain results.

Learn more about Lip Augmentation surgery.

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