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Houston  cosmetic surgery centerMore and more men and women with active and demanding personal and professional lifestyles are undergoing cosmetic surgical procedures. This is increasingly popular because there are many new techniques that are allowing for less invasive procedures that make a bigger difference, return you to work sooner, and last longer. Many patients are now opting for these procedures earlier in life because they understand cosmetic surgery is becoming more a series of smaller “maintenance” procedures. Patients do not want to wait until their anatomic features are so advanced that any rejuvenation procedure will be noticeable. This allows patients to return to their active lifestyle sooner.

Our office specifically accommodates executive plastic surgery patients with the following services:

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  • SurgiCenter transportation, arranged in advance, to take you from the surgicenter to your hotel.
  • In-house Medi-Spa to help promote post-surgical healing, or just for pampering.
  • Specific non-surgical interventions that can be performed instead of or in preparation for plastic surgery such as medical grade skin care for discoloration, scars, wrinkles or large pores.
  • Specific nutritional and dietary interventions that decrease bleeding and bruising, lessen swelling, decrease pain and speed recovery.
  • Review of the options and techniques available for minimally invasive surgery, such as endoscopic forehead lift or minimal incision facelift, that allow maximum results with minimal incisions and quicker healing, recovery, and return to work.
  • E-mail and electronic follow-up for times when you cannot make office visits but need questions answered in a quick, efficient and appropriate manner.
  • Flexibility and privacy in scheduling.

If you have any further questions or need additional information please contact Dr. Viera through our online form or by phone at 713-349-0503.

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