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Will Fat Return After Liposuction?

People who consult me regarding liposuction invariably ask whether the fat will return. This is a very good question since why go through all the procedure as well as the time and expense if the fat is going to come back. My answer has always been that it will not return if you keep a healthy lifestyle, exercise as well as a properly balanced diet, limiting carbohydrates and including fruits and vegetables daily.

My recommendations were confirmed in a July 2012 article in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism. In their study, thirty-six women were followed for six months after liposuction. It was discovered the removed superficial fat will not return. However, the body will compensate for the fat loss by accumulating fat inside the abdomen by the intestines (visceral fat). Half of the women who were placed on a moderate exercise regimen of forty minutes on a treadmill three times a week as well as light weight training kept the inside fat from returning. Learn more about liposuction in our recent video.

Results may vary and are not guaranteed.

Good nutrition and exercise is also very important for fat removed during a tummy tuck since liposuction is almost always done during the procedure in order to provide a well sculpted flat abdomen. If fat were to return inside the abdomen due to lack of proper exercise, it would stretch the muscles and skin which were tightened during the tummy tuck procedure.

In our practice, we work hard to provide a very sculpted abdomen for our patients to be proud of and show off to their friends (which they always do). Sculpting an abdomen for the best and long lasting results requires knowledge and years of experience. It requires using time-tested techniques. And, it requires helping our patients maintain their results.

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