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A Younger You for Many New Years Ahead with Activelift™ Facelift

Beginning with the Activelift™ facelift, Dr. Viera uses his time tested facelifting techniques to achieve a refreshed looking you. He also combines the newest fat grafting and skin rejuvenation procedures in facelift surgeries to create the most complete facial rejuvenation.

What is the Activelift™ Facelift?

Activelift™ is the beginning. This lift, developed and perfected by Dr. Viera over the years, raises and pulls the underlying facial tissues to their anatomical location or their location prior to when sagging began. The skin is then softly re-draped on this rejuvenated base without pull. This all happens through hidden incisions. Patients say he has an amazing eye and magic hands.

One of Dr. Viera’s patients told the story of going to a doctor for Botox while traveling through Europe. The doctor guessed her age as 13 years younger than her actual age. The doctor was surprised when the patient said that she’d had an Activelift™ facelift…” she called in her colleague and together they started searching for scars (they wanted proof). They both said it was just about the best work they had ever seen, and if they had seen me walk by on the street, they would have never thought that I’d had anything done.*

Dr. Viera uses the patient’s own fat, obtained from the hips or abdomen at the same moment it is needed. The fat is then delicately injected throughout the entire face in order to provide those smooth fuller contours of younger years. This further removes folds around the mouth and chin. Fine superficial wrinkles are removed using a peel that stimulates collagen growth.

Showing Activelift™ Facelift Results (Actual Patient) 

ActiveLift™ Facelift Results by Dr. Viera

ActiveLift™ Facelift Results by Dr. Viera
Results may vary and are not guaranteed.

When patients want to turn back the hands of time, Dr. Viera evaluates how to achieve a more youthful, natural look. A patient said, “I learned to trust Dr. Viera’s skill. I never go in with pictures of celebrities, I just tell him what bothers me, and let him do what he thinks is best for my face.*” She says she’s always been thrilled with the outcome. Check out her April 23, 2013 online review about her Activelift™ facelift for more information.

The Activelift™ facelift with enhanced techniques in Dr. Viera’s hands produce exceptional natural-looking results. Do you want to turn back the hands of time?   Contact us for an appointment to find out if an Activelift™ facelift is right for you.

*Results may vary for different patients and are not guaranteed. Contact our office to schedule a personalized consultation to determine if you are a good candidate.


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